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How to Be A Sexy Wife

How to be a sexy wife? Although chemistry and physical attractiveness are always relevant, there are traits that we find sexy in women and always want to look for in a partner. It undoubtedly drives you crazy. Take notes!

Being sexy is more a matter of attitude than physicality. Mastering the art of sensuality must start from within, and you must (really) believe that you are an attractive and interesting woman. However, they say practice makes perfect. So, here is a list of tips to become sexier.

1. Security

There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. Have you ever wondered why there are women who get along well with men even though they are not very attractive? Undoubtedly, their confidence in themselves acts like a magnet, convinced of their worth and knowing they can be insufferable.

2. Body

We will not deny that. Men are very visual and like to be in good shape. You do not have to have a perfect body, but you should highlight your best body: legs, stomach, hips, breasts, or buttocks. The more you work on your best attributes, the sexier you will be!

3. A sense of humor

Say what your husband likes much
Say what your husband likes much

They would rather be with a fun girl who likes to laugh and laugh with them than someone who looks like a top model but has a dull, bad attitude.

4. Alluring look

Another part that can drive them crazy is your eyes; when you make eye contact with them, looking sexy and deep.

5. Movement

Keep your eyes just on your beloved husband
Keep your eyes just on your beloved husband

Men take note of your gait, your body language, the way you dance, and how you move in the hottest encounters. Therefore, if you act naturally and confidently according to your personality, your movements can change more sensibly than you can imagine.

6. Intelligence

Even with their doubts, an educated and intelligent woman seems very attractive to them. Besides, they tend to take them more seriously. For many men, having interesting conversations with women is attractive because this makes them incredibly sexy.

7. Your Smell

They can smell and be attracted to you before they see you. Therefore, paying attention to personal hygiene and choosing a perfume that fits your personality is essential. Remember that the shampoos and body creams are also part of your aroma.

8. Mystery

Keep in your mind some mystery to attract your husband.

Another thing they love is mysterious women. You will soon get bored or lose interest if it feels like an open book from the start. However, if you are not so quickly figured out and start revealing yourself little by little, they will be intrigued and fascinated by you.

9. Voice

Most of them love it when a woman has a very sexy and raspy voice. However, you can turn him off with your talk even if you have a high-pitched voice. The intonation you use, the volume of your voice, and the words you choose can give you more sex appeal than you think. The key is knowing when you can play with your voice to sound sexier, funnier, and more enjoyable.

10. Hair

Your hair can be the best weapon to get much closer to your husband

No matter how long or short you wear, they like it to be soft, smell good, and look good on you. It is recommended to stay healthy and choose a shape that suits your face type.

11. Focus on the charm

Yes, physical beauty is essential to sexual attraction, but it is not all. The dynamic of attraction involves the expression of our feelings and personality. According to Psychology Today, expressing affection positively (smile, happy attitude, expressive eyes) is related to physical and emotional attraction.

12. Make eye contact

It is not just with the guy (or girl) you are interested in. See everyone you interact with. Not only is it a sign of confidence, but it will also help you see yourself always in control of sexy situations.

13. Do not pluck your eyebrows

Wide eyebrows are associated with youthfulness, while sharp eyebrows give the rest of the face a very rough look. So do not pluck your eyebrows and go for a natural shape that suits your face. What else can help us feel sexy?

More Tips for both men and women

If you read the above points regarding how to be a sexy wife and want to be sexier towards your beloved husband, then on behalf of the part of Globo Medic, we are providing you with more than ten tips to be a much sexier wife. Just a bit have a look below. Follow these scientific keys and improve your skills:

1. Smile. Research from the Department of Psychology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland found that people tend to find smiling people more attractive than non-smiling people.

2. Wear red. This is the color of charm. According to Adam Pazda of the University of Rochester in New York, men view women who wear this color as sexually available and reproductive.

3. Good night. According to a study by the Sleep Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, people who get enough rest look healthier and more attractive than those who do not get enough sleep.

4. Neat. According to a survey conducted by the portal, men who shave are perceived by women as sociable and intelligent.

5. Hone your posture. A Newcastle University study published in Evolutionary Psychology found that men with raised chins are more attractive and masculine. For women, the chin should be lowered to look feminine.

6. Tone of voice. A man’s deep, dignified voice is beautiful to women. Meanwhile, according to a study published in Biology Letters, the femininity of the voice tends to attract more men.

7. Height. Taller men are more attractive to women, a study from the University of Wrocław in Poland found. Meanwhile, another study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society details shorter women’s reproductive success.

8. Emphasize features. Women who wear makeup are considered more attractive to men and more economically acceptable. Meanwhile, a study from France’s Université de Bretagne-Sud details that larger breasts attract more attention from men.

9. Be confident. A study from the University of Vienna in Austria found that confident men seduce more women.

10. Get some rest. A study from the University of Abertay Dundee found that men who were less stressed were more attractive to women.


Another tip you can practice is finding a friend who is similar to you but less attractive than you. A study from the University of Southampton in England found that women subconsciously compare men and choose the most attractive men. Moreover, what techniques do you use to become sexier?

These ten tips can be applied for both men and women to be sexy themselves.

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