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How to prevent your child from taking care of his dog

Find out how to help your child learn the essential responsibilities of owning a dog and not lose that initial sense of well-being when you come home.

Note: Educate your child to be responsible with the pet

Most children want a dog as a pet. They are over-assertive, and having this new friend at home fills them with joy. However, after a few months, the initial euphoria wears off, and our children begin to see the dog as a burden rather than a playmate or best friend.

Help your child be responsible with the animal

Before buying a dog

Remember, you should never give a pet as a gift to a child or say it belongs entirely to that child. Your child needs to know that the dog is not a toy or object that can be removed when it is no longer fun. Before adopting a pet, we must make it clear to our son that the dog is just another family member; as such, he needs the special care, attention, and affection that the other family members deserve.

If the dog is already at home

Our children, like dogs, like to have a specific schedule. In this way, your child will learn to follow the same care at specific times each day. Feed the dog, change the water, go outside, and play with him. Because they are puppies, adopting them allows them to play games together and their parents to educate them at the same time.

You have to respect and love the animal
You have to respect and love the animal

Note: The pet and your child will be able to grow together

Once your son learns that a dog has responsibilities, specific care, and rules, he will know that education is essential for both of them when it comes to living in the same family. However, we do not want to be too strict because we do not want the child to see the dog as an extreme burden that cannot get them to live their daily lives. 

If my son understands that a dog is a creature that needs affection and has the exact needs he does, he will empathize and will do the best for his pet. Understanding that your pet is happy for it will help you understand that his role as an owner is essential to your pet’s health and happiness.

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