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The 7 most common accidents during pregnancy

Fortunately, accidents are prevalent throughout pregnancy in most cases, although they usually do not go beyond mere horror. Pregnancy is a unique and extraordinary moment that any mother will never forget. What is usually remembered in time is the fact of having had some accident due to the size of the belly, the consequences of various symptoms, or the simple clumsiness of the expectant mother.

Many factors can cause accidents in pregnant women, such as extreme fatigue or insomnia due to lack of sleep. The following article will discuss the most common accidents for pregnant women or expectant mothers.

1. Lifting heavy objects

Pregnant women are not recommended to lift heavy objects or exercise excessively. This is because ligaments become loose during pregnancy, and joint stability decreases. As the belly grows, the center of gravity naturally moves forward, putting much pressure on the back.

Pregnant women may have obstetric problems, which puts them at particular risk of premature birth or miscarriage. While women with a low placenta are also at risk of placental hemorrhage, women with a short cervix must be extra careful when lifting weights.

Expectant mothers need to be aware of this and take necessary precautions, such as bending their knees and straightening their backs when lifting weights. This way, your body will use your leg muscles instead of your back muscles. If you feel the weight is pulling too much on you, it is because it is too heavy for you to lift.

2. Waterfall

Falls tend to occur during pregnancy because the center of gravity shifts. The most common is that the pregnant woman is on the side where the amniotic fluid is hit instead of the fetus. This is because amniotic fluid protects the fetus and cushions and protects it from trauma that can result from an impact.

If you feel some pain after a fall, but there are swelling or contractions, or you do not feel your baby move, you should see your doctor right away to find out how your baby is doing in the womb. Even if the fall is minor, it is essential to tell your doctor exactly what happened.

Doctors are responsible for determining the severity of the consequences. The best way to avoid falls is to work slowly and carefully, not rush during pregnancy, and ensure the ground you are walking on is safe enough to prevent tripping and slipping. you failed

Take special care when going up and down stairs, hold on to a handrail, or have support, so you do not fall, even if it is someone else’s arm. Avoid activities that can cause falls. This is especially true in the last weeks of pregnancy when your body is too big, and your baby is too big.

3. Traffic accident

Most women know the importance of wearing a seat belt when driving and in a car, but protecting pregnant women is very important. One of the biggest problems in car accidents is the steering wheel. The ship is so large that the shock is excellent in case of an accident.

The longer the pregnancy, the greater the risk of premature birth or placental abruption. For safe driving, seat belts must be fastened correctly. A belt that crosses your shoulders and the lower part supports your hips is best placed under your stomach.

Moving the car seat as far back as possible is also essential. This allows safe driving and freedom of movement in small spaces without feeling pressured. Even if you are not confident, waiting until you can drive again after giving birth is best, but safety comes first.

4. Slipping in the bathtub

Falls and slipping in the bathtub are much more common during pregnancy. The leading cause of this is adjusting the body’s center of gravity. In that sense, you need to be extra careful when getting in and out of the bathtub.

A rug or non-slip floor can significantly prevent these accidents. Another recommendation you can follow is to stay calm while taking a shower.

5. Foot Twist

During pregnancy, relaxin makes joints all over the body flexible. As if that was not enough, women can gain up to 9kg in weight, which can cause them to lose solid footing. These two circumstances make foot sprains much more common during pregnancy.

To avoid this problem, it is best to wear comfortable shoes and keep your heels apart, at least during the second and third trimesters. Additionally, walking safely and avoiding hazardous surfaces such as wet or uneven floors are essential.

6. Bone fractures

Although not as common as in previous accidents, fractures are also prevalent during pregnancy. According to some studies, this may be due to a decrease in bone mass that occurs physiologically during pregnancy. Vertebral fractures and long bone fractures from falls are the most common.

The best way to avoid these incidents is to take a calcium supplement. Pregnant women are advised to consume 1,000 to 1,300 mg of this ingredient. Eating foods rich in calcium, such as chard, milk thistle, cheese, and nuts, is also recommended.

7. Bleeding

Ultimately, bleeding is one of the most common accidents during pregnancy. Because blood flow to the uterus is increased, it is normal to have a small amount of vaginal bleeding after intercourse or a visit to the gynecologist. According to some studies, this fact is even more common in the last trimester of pregnancy.

However, if bleeding is profuse, accompanied by abdominal pain, or occurs during the first trimester, it is essential to consult a trusted obstetrician. Vaginal bleeding can also be a symptom of a severe condition that could be life-threatening to you and your baby.

Prevention is key

As you can see, many accidents are prevalent during pregnancy. Fortunately, all of them can be prevented with proper action, so you must do your activities slowly and carefully. Also, remember to consult a professional if in doubt.


In short, as you can see, accidents are prevalent throughout pregnancy. Fortunately, in most cases, it usually does not go beyond the initial scare, and things do not progress further. The important thing is to avoid outbreaks as much as possible and take all possible precautions. She said a woman should always be aware that she is carrying a baby and do everything possible to have the best pregnancy possible.

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