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Weird cravings during pregnancy

What you should never do is for a pregnant woman to swallow anything that is not food, such as dirt or chalk. Despite popular belief, not all expectant mothers experience cravings during pregnancy. It is estimated that 25% of them have some cravings during pregnancy, while the rest do not have any kind of cravings. To this day, it is still determined what makes a woman crave something.

It is not 100% certain, but it is thought it could be due to hormonal changes in your pregnant body. In the following article, we will talk about some of the strangest cravings pregnant women can have and how they can negatively impact their health.

When talking about cravings, the most common are those that refer to sweets

Strange Cravings During Pregnancy

When talking about cravings, the most common ones refer to sweets, chocolate, or olives. However, some pregnant women may feel cravings for just about anything, including “rare.” The combinations can be endless and unimaginable, but they do anything to satisfy those cravings. Then, we will show you some of the weirdest cravings a pregnant woman can have.

  • Mix salty and sweet flavors like tuna with strawberry or chocolate ice cream, French fries with chocolate, or seafood with flan.
  • Another odd craving is combining cookies or other sweet things with mayonnaise or ketchup.
  • Other expectant mothers add salt or other seasonings to other foods during pregnancy.

Unusual Needs That Can Be Harmful to Your Health

The cravings seen above should not pose any health risks, despite being a rare food combination. Problems arise or occur when those cravings move away from food and refer to non-edible products such as detergent, chalk, or dirt. Many women are tempted to eat such products during the first few months of pregnancy.

In those cases, it is not cravings but rather a more serious eating disorder called pica. Because of such a disorder, pregnant women suffer from the need to eat something they cannot eat. This may be due to lacking minerals such as iron or zinc. If this happens, it is essential to see a doctor quickly.

Under no circumstances should women be allowed to consume these products. Because otherwise, you could endanger the fetus’s health and adversely affect your health. Aside from certain undesirable foods to eat during pregnancy, you should not have any problem with other cravings. It is also not advisable to abuse it as it is recommended to control the food during pregnancy.

It is normal for some women who are pregnant to have some other craving

In short, it is normal for some pregnant women to have strange cravings during pregnancy. The combination of different foods can be hard to imagine, but it is typical for pregnant women. You can mix everything up to satisfy those cravings.

What should never be allowed is for pregnant women to consume anything that is not food, such as dirt or chalk. This can cause serious health problems for the woman and her unborn baby.

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